Rainy France to the Mallos de Riglos

After 15 hours in the car we get into gorges of the Tarn in the province of Languedoc-Roussilon. On the plains flying snow turning to rain, the temperature fluctuates around 4 ° C. We are a large overhang with the ruins of old stone houses - this time for parking piknikáře and unofficial camp aspiring climbers Eastern Bloc.

Bydleni v Tarnu

Signs "feu interdit" assures us that the safer it will cook in the open trunk of the car. The next few days we enjoyed continuous drizzle turns in the road, at least partly protected by an overhang and alternately cooking at the car.

Destivej tarn

I remember the line blocks at home in the closet.

Finally, we set out for a better sousednído sleep. Rain cross the snowy Pyrenees, and at midnight we build a tent somewhere near Rodellar. In the morning we move into the camp, where the rain stops. Let's look around the area - great valley nature reserve laden with rocks, of which the most interesting (for us at the moment just to look at) are elongated overhangs from 7b. The second day we climb the sun in the sector El Camino, which offers a large number of routes in difficulty 6b - 7a. Klasa me here seems quite reasonable until soft.

sektor delfin

Another day awaits us adventurous outing bordering canyoning, visit pokaděný giant cave and finally climbing routes in pěknejch epesním sector dolphin, to which we must wade while, but the views are worth.

The next day I finally shaken sort of intruder in her neck, which was imported from France. Should be fitted with inhaled antibiotics to keep it in manageable limits, however, on a few more months yet become my closest companions.

mallos de riglos

Finally, we leave the main destination of the trip: Mallos de Riglos. The weather umoudřuje intruder too. Nothing prevents kochačce campsite with stunning views of the towers and paths that await us in the coming days.

jaja v el puro

The cover them with jajo we Standard for classic El Puro - lateral protrusion Pisoni - the most massive bagel bakery menu (first feeler length in the corner are unfortunately densely dojištěné borháky). The following is an attempt to classic Pisoni, who zvrtává in the day's final zigzag wall with friable climbs to the summit - the resulting combination of routes can be re-evaluated as quite successful.

Pohled z Pisonu na Fire

Amazing is also very rappel from the top, which contains, inter alia, 2 full 60 m cable length with vistas of the narrow chimney on an illuminated village Riglos.


Thorough deliberation tactics Mount Flush the icing of the cake of our trip.

Madlace a joy, just neodpadnout between them, fusing them remotely from 5 mA semtam i gave, that he would be in the way of returning bad :)

The order is then prvolezec climbers with a cord, belayer, bag.

The last day we jajo s still quite delicate way to Aguja swarms Standa in an abandoned Vulture nest under the supervision of a vulture, the slide valve on the opposite wall. ). Here comes another wave of rain and we're off to sunny France this time. Jája with Jance to give light vícedýlku a single tower in the area, we Burim with pounding 7áčka the ledge near the pond. Finally, have a chop head of the branch I looked at the return harsher rights to a pair of liquid stitches from a nearby pharmacy. Last day lying in a parade sector "Tresor du Zebra", where there are also light trails around 30 meters.

The journey home runs for a change for a working AC hail showers of rain.

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