If you want to test Split or go with a group on a hike? Fill out the form below and book equipment in advance.

RENTAL OFFICE MOVED TO ADDRESS IN ZLÍCHOV 13,,cs,with Slidertrack system (it is necessary to supply your own SNB binding): 400 CZK / day ( refundable deposit 10,000 - 15,000 depending on the type of splitboard),,cs,D): 500 CZK / day ( refundable deposit 10,000 - 15,000 depending on the type of splitboard),,cs,150 CZK / day (deposit 3000, -),,cs,100 CZK / day (deposit 1500, -),,cs,Three-part folding sticks,,cs,Pípák Ortovox S1 300,,en,CZK / day,,cs,100 CZK / day,,cs,beeper probe shovel 400,,cs,/ CZK,,cs,A deposit of CZK 15,000 per set must be sent immediately after booking to the account: 202539872/2010 (ideally,,cs,immediate pltaba,,cs


Price List:

Splitboard se systémem Slidertrack (nutné dodat vlastní SNB vázání): 450,- Kč / den (+ vratná záloha 10 000 – 15 000 dle druhu splitboardu)

Splitboard with binding (R Sparks&D, Phantom): 500 Kč / den (+ vratná záloha 10 000 – 15 000 dle druhu splitboardu)

Belts 200 Kč / den (záloha 3000 Kč)

Crampons 200 Kč / den (záloha 1500 Kč)

Skládací hole třídílné Leki (lze složit na batoh) 200 Kč / den (záloha 2500 Kč)

Pípák Ortovox S1 400 Kč / den

Probe Carbon odlehčená 100 Kč / den

Lopata lite Mammut 100 Kč / den

Avalanche set – pípák sonda lopata 600 / Kč

When you lease longer than three days, we offer a 10% discount for rental, for rentals longer than 9 days offer higher discounts (by appointment).

Conditions for renting

Zálohu 15 000,- Kč na set je třeba zaslat ihned po potvrzení rezervace na bankovní účet

In case of last minute loan cancellation (less than 1 day before the loan) a handling fee of 50% of the rental fee is charged,,cs,for shorter rentals, for rentals longer than 2 days it is 900 CZK per set.,,cs,Validity of the price list and conditions from 1 January 2020.,,cs,Tel.,,en,Permanent residence,,cs,ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT,,cs,Three-part sticks,,cs – u kratších pronájmů, u pronájmů delších než 2 dny je to 900,- Kč za set.

Platnost ceníku a podmínek od 28. 1. 2021.

First need to borrow

  • identity card (or driver's license, passport)
  • contact phone number

Second contract

  • we will sign a contract for the rental, the original remains Climb&Splitboard, copy and borrowed things to take away with you
  • when picking equipment, be aware of time to take over control of equipment and basic familiarization with the equipment

3rd return borrowed things

  • věci by měly být čisté a usušené (POZOR – NESUŠIT V BLÍZKOSTI ZDROJE TEPLA – there is a risk of spreading and degradation of the adhesive on the strips),cs
  • changes, defects and damage to equipment warn you before accepting: it is possible to arrange a repair, replacement of parts, etc, otherwise we demand compensation case
  • Bring a copy of the contract, confirm those of her acceptance of the goods.

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