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  1. judovana says:

    Hola! Hekzy pocin.

    On Splitboard already been troubled almost 7 years. Before that sticks to snezcich suffering and even before obycejan duapcka after passport in the snow. Not counted on the highest peaks are split, par fours….

    In total, I wonder how you're doing on the speed? Ja (ac simyslim of fyza total respect, just in all kinds of terrain – Furthermore, deep snow and at the same time direct climb – for klasickyma skialpinistama just flutters…

    Icy traverses without harsajzen is almost mortal's affairs, and ice skating in a straight line is simply impossible :) So I wonder if I just lemra or is it a general property of the split.

    Ono at all that you should warn the split is in all but prisnyho hlubokyho snow slope or down. Self down as well as up in everything worse than skis (and your pets with 168 swear! Board is to God)

    The question still – where do parts? I'm booking of splitboards.eu but it's insanely expensive…

    “tri split board” JSI Kousa? (Rozdelava to honor a three vzznikne team vykrojeni on vnitrnihrane – the right to ty traverzy. Yen is tahne on zadech ten Stred :-/

    What are your experiences with Mackay on bote on board? I long could not get big enough and finally .. no shame mluvvit :D

    Prasanu zdar!


  2. judovana says:

    Oh and .. When I look at the evolution .. specifically linked to a system deployed vazxazni .. TKA regret that I so old vergl.

    But I'm glad that evolution does not leave behind splits because of the great mountain, powder and board … yeah it's gods :)

  3. Cau J. ,

    Diky comment!

    In terms of speed, depending on fitness level, type of Split and Dragonflies ('s a big difference between Sparks and slidertrackem). Skialpinistum climb Stacie. Dumbbells are a pain, but even at wide prasanovkach. When Congress can be a problem when quickly followed protistoupani, straight .. then more frequently decomposition. When you have enough tuhyho split (not the case with Burton) You can go down on it in the unfolded position or on the straights. In the next seasons to be even visco with a locking heel – Takže pujdo and bruslit.

    To sum up – skialpy are indeed faster overall, but it's a completely different style than the split, in particular one you want to arrive on board, so it can not be compared just speed. Split the da rise precipitously neboris so much pow (as you yourself wrote). If you're going to split, Volis slightly different route or goals than skialpinist and on this website is mainly – ma bring together the splitter and Business spolecnejch action. (Otherwise, we usually have to obey not exactly ideal route outnumbered skialpinist).

    Spare parts to try to contact me, I'll try to get something :) .

    Triboard I tried.

    Macky dub mostly older strappy Tourist, depends on the type of snow boots. You have to try it, definitely something from Raveltik, Petzl Vasak, etc.

    Split gift!

    • Jack says:

      Hey gentlemen, as a skier neprknar with you both agree, just by strict tendency'm not sure. Jumping mate dvojnasobmou edge length in contact with the snow. Skakanej arc. You can correct the bare nepresnej arc. Perhaps only in a fall on board the ice ax to brake better than bare-country skiing. Follow me Lyz. H.

  4. judovana says:

    “Otherwise, we are mostly forced to obey not exactly ideal route outnumbered skialpinist”

    Yeah tos wrote nicely :) She and the woman is skialpinistka .. Vůbec have sanci … ;)

    The sparlks is a lot of awesome. I'm looking forward to the split sometimes rtozflakam and Upgrade…. When we bought the ancient split TKA nothing but sidetrack was not available,…:(

    ad crampons – I had until this year kalsicky quick clamping and SNB hobnailed boots notch chjo .. suffering. But this year I got macky what fit me: ((

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