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Car and Trade:

Na Zlíchově 13,,cs,Prague 5,,cs

Praha 5

OTEVÍRACÍ DOBA : Otevřeno dle individuální domluvy

O nás

We are people who enjoy climbing, splitboarding or both. These activities are largely fulfilled our lives are not our main livelihood. We are concerned about their operation as possible in pure form, it is keeping certain ethical principles, which are the following:

First At the top of the hill we act on their own.

Second After leaving Congress after us and leaving only footprints in the snow, nature must remain otherwise intact.

3rd We live and make our dreams come true.

We are interested in the consequences of our actions, we do not perceive the world around us as disposable goods. When we go to the mountains by car, is full of people. When we create new, used and old, are not empty consumer affairs, food and experiences.

In conclusion, I will quote whose author I do not remember:

” Whoever beats others is strong. He who defeats himself is invulnerable.”

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