Hard binding to the splitboard

As has already been written in the earlier article, It is often preferable to give priority to the hard splitboard binding before (binding) soft. This fact is aware of a large part of splitters and so each year are new systems and companies that produce hard binding. In this paper we introduce the most common systems:

One. Full MTN plate binding kit:

Basic classic that everyone knows – two-piece binding that is to be mounted on slidertrack (which is part of the universal splitboard interface can also be purchased separately).

Weight: 0,64 kg 0.4 kg slidertrack = 1.04 kg / pair

Slight drawback is the increased storage boots over the plate and subsequent less efficient power transfer from the rider's legs to the edge of the board. However, this is offset by the affordability and ease the transition from Voile Universal Interface.

2. Další možností jsou Firstlight Bindings,

which was created by simply welding sidebar slidertrack, thereby shoe got closer to the plate.


Weight: 0.946 kg / pair

3rd Bomber industries also produce a hard attachment to slidertrack


4th This is undoubtedly the best in the end phantom-logo2



This is the result of an engineering precision work, which has been achieved maximum magnification boots and boards. The entire system, which includes a superlight "Dynafit" toe and heel were used mostly lightweight aircraft materials. Weight motherboard binding is 440 grams, dynafitová nose and tail together weigh 150 grams.

The disadvantage is the high price (the whole set costs about 800 USD).

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