Council to move to splitboardu

Movement on splitboardu

Most of the time spent on mountain hikes will be in your splitboard exploded "pedestrian" mode.

Climb the splitboard can be very difficult and debilitating if not handle properly techniku.Tu soon vypiluješ yourself if you often enough to take splitboardové tours. There is, however, a few tips to start, you may find useful:

  1. Time climb in the first place. Find a pace that exhausts the least, ie. does not increase the heart rate – Learn to relieve muscles alternately during the step. Man has a natural tendency to hurry to the top – However, this only leads to exhaustion, stop to rest and loss of rhythm. Uniform rhythm associated with slow pace but nevysilujícím leading to an overall rapid ascent!
  2. Resilience – the important thing is to maintain a "pedal moral", and in any case refuses to submit exhaustion or discouragement. It is a good idea to motivate, for example, the achievement of the summit and the subsequent freeride. Stay at the forefront of a group nezaostávej behind, catching up is mentally and physically exhausting.
  3. Stand upright and watch rather than feet ahead into the hillside, which climb. The upright position allows you to maximum load strips, which will then not to slip.
  4. If you do not need to increase friction přidupnutím skis for traction, Do not answer it in the implementation step in height, but only slide it forward.
  5. Use effective riser turns trench and then turn around the tip of the ski bindings.
  6. Do not dress tooDuring climb quickly zahřeješ - at the beginning you can feel a little cold. Hyperhidrosis is necessary to compensate the increased fluid intakeOtherwise can easily become dehydrated.

Working with sticks

  1. Are suitable Three-piece sticksTo allow sufficient shortening when placed in the backpack. Mechanisms of insertion should be to ensure ideal flick (flip) lockemThat is easy to operate even with gloves, and, unlike screw mechanisms freezes.
  2. Shortening sticks climb allows you to lighten feet and transfer of effort on your hands. The metal is one which results in the elbow flexed to 90 °. Hands with sticks stay close to the body.
  3. Climb uchop hole shoraSo that the palm above will compress the stick down, place it so much weight. When moving around the plane use normal grip.
  4. When long traverse Shorten one stick and extend another.
  5. Hole can be used for keeping out too temperate parts of Congress.


  1. Use ridges ski if the surface is slippery or icy
  2. Below the lower ski sticking his wand, so you stop it slipping.
  3. When traverse potentially lavinózních sites follow one s sufficient spacing.
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