Stories Ádrstrachu – Fesťák

Adršpach, said ádrstrach is an interesting place where climbers jezdějí afraid to sweat blood, toil in the joints, skin, vibrate in rajbácích it all to finally climbed the stiff pile of sand without catching (and highly addictive experienced the joy of life).

Day one - after buying jackets we go to Teplice hysteric find easily Blaboš under electric Baal to proclaim "we're great at it, you put it" .. I gave was great.

Day two after-purchase climbing shoes bouldering Blaboš going somewhere, I have a new climbing partner.

Saturday arrives Jaja, the everyday stuff we set out to conquer purchase dominants.picture-130 Congress after the onset of birch kampaňovky, the chimney stack, but that it is an edge? cukrovarákRight not, it's the left (thanks to Michael for mayor)! Beautiful rise after wavelet edge brings several subsequent tension in the groin, picture-151but it is only a small tax on such a beautiful way to cukrovarák! Starostová. starostová z cukrovarákuSlunnýho červnovýho One day in 1923, reportedly fears vpoledne shoot mortars from the echo that Fiehl with fright Diettrichem not fall at the first exit at the head of her shaggy. všichni sou už v komíně..Saxons sticking out of branches and Doleží also to ring. We give preference to broad-ax. Take precedence. This technique not escaped me - one step up, two down Congress. I prefer. Saxons juts - watch technology - external patašpička is crucial. For once, let the good with the top, Sasíci, thanks. picture-164Under the chimney tease jáju and on two other buddies. Meanwhile extend chimney - especially rapidly than overwhelms me adrstrach. On a pillar, everyone tease. picture-166'm Going to head beneath which lurks yet another head of údolky - head to čtyřčlennýho train. I was on a stand first team all leave under the ear and soon the mayor's mistress standing in the walk. Lice it does not, the feeling is sensational. Rappel into the valley and finally koupačka light.

Sunday – purchase breakfast, being at the Crusaders. The old road at first after finding správnýho onset luxury (many hours). Okukovačka projects for the next time. What about the údolka Křížovýho King? Prodnešek better údolku the Lighthouse. I've had enough. He frowns and starts raining just in time, you also have poison happily dom…

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