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THE RANGERRanger board is our highlight this season.It is a splitboard designed and created from 0. It reflects five years experience of splitboard designing, testing and user’s feedback. Ranger is for riders looking for directional, stable and smooth board. Ranger won´t burn your back leg but yet doesn‘t require big back stance. This is the secret of Ranger´s stability even when going full speed. The story is simple. We used cut rocker tail with a pintail shape, made the nose bit longer, developed an mellow nose rocker (someone may call it as well S rocker) and made a bigger side cut radius to keep the board calm in high speed. But don’t worry, because of the rockered tail the board still turns very easily. When thinking about the right length for your board, definitely look more at running edge rather than the total length. Basically pick board 5cm shorter compare to your regular board.Ranger will perform very well on the slope but its day will come with the powder. 


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